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Why Cash Flow Forecasting Is Important?

The cash flow can be simply defined as the estimate of the time and amounts of cash inflows and outflows over a specific period (usually monthly or yearly). A cash flow forecast helps an organisation manage all liquid or cash resources – including the timing and availability of funding options to manage the immediate operational [...]

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Should I register my business for GST?

The goods and services tax, known as GST, is a broad-based tax charging 10% on goods and services sold in Australia. This tax affects businesses regarding their revenue. As a businessman, it is your responsibility to get your business registered for GST in three situations. Your business' income is $75,000 or more. It is advised by [...]

How A Succession Plan Can Help You And Your Family

No matter how smooth things appear, every field of life faces obstacles, challenges and tasks that must be dealt with according to the best possible solution. Succession planning is an integral part of doing any business, no matter how certain and promising your future appears. With the modern contemporary business market evolving every second it [...]

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Considering a Business Coach for Your Business

As a business owner, if you have tried your best to achieve your goals and you think you have not left any loopholes, but you’re still not successful then perhaps you need to hire a business coach. A business coach guides you to see matters related to your company and business in a different way [...]

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8 Reasons Why You Should Know the Value of Your Business

Since the beginning of time, man has thrived for a prosperous lifestyle, making sure all his needs and necessities are fulfilled accordingly. In this race of improvement and betterment, he has looked for opportunities in all walks of life and in all dimensions. This struggle ultimately led him to the realisation point where he understood [...]

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Bitcoin Explained- What you need to know

Heard about this thing called bitcoin? Unless you've been living under a rock we're guessing: yes, you have. The first and most famous digital cryptocurrency has been racking up headlines late last year due to a breathtaking rise in value -- cracking the $1,000 threshold for the first time on Jan. 1 before ascending to nearly $19,000 in [...]

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